A 2-player game made as part of a 1-day jam.

The Lore

Sir Vivor, the youngest Prince of His Majesty Gawner of the Lolded Kingdom, narrowly escaped as their castle was overtaken by goblins.

At his lowest point, Sir Vivor reached out to the long ignored Goddess Rei Dar.

The Goddess heard his plea.

The Goddess Reidar descended from the upper heavens down to Sir Vivor, telling him of his one hope for reclaiming the throne: the 5 Ancient Relics.

Her eyesight has much diminished with age, but she can still survey the land from on high. While she can only gather brief glimpses of the land, enemies, and Relics, it's enough to help direct Sir Vivor. She will help him find his way to each of the Relics, while avoiding the wandering eyes of the numerous goblins.

Play with a friend, one as Sir Vivor and one as the Goddess Rei Dar, and work together to reclaim the Gawner throne!

How to Play

Sir Vivor: WASD to move, "Space" key to dig up artifacts (yellow tiles)

Goddess Reidar: Click on the darkness with the left mouse button

Two players must communicate with each other using Discord or another chat software. One picks the role of Sir Vivor, and the other the role of Goddess Reidar.

Goddess Reidar can look at the map on her end and track enemies and the relics by clicking on the darkness to reveal the world below, and Sir Vivor must make his way to each of the relics, staying far away from the monsters, and dig up the 5 artifacts to win. Sir Vivor will only be able to make his way with the Goddess Reidar's help!

Assets Used

World Map - Pixel Art Tileset

Matt Colon's Unity Utils


DirectorJeff Neet
ProgrammersMatt Colon, Raul Rivera, and Josh Powlison
Level DesignMatt Colon, Jeff Neet, and Elijah

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